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Our love readings by phone or email have been very popular for those of you looking for love, challenged with a love partner, when you will find love and the future of an existing relationship.

The love readings are thorough, go deep into your issue and thoughts of the person you are inquiring about.  Your psychic love reading can be honest and direct and may not always tell you what you want to hear but perhaps what you need to hear.

​Love readings can also not only be an accurate predictor of the future but also reveal to you any blockages that may be holding you back from manifesting your dream.
Psychic Kaye Kantrell
Affordable Psychic Readings
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​Psychic Phone Readings $1.00 per Minute
Email Psychic Readings starting at $18.95
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Happy Clients
​A selection of testimonials from valued clients
Psychic Kaye's readings are hauntingly accurate and very enjoyable. She takes her time to give a good reading and doesn't rush to finish. She truly knows her craft and does it very well. Thank you for making things clearer for me!   Yours, Kathryn
Thank you so much Lady Kaye for the psychic information and guidance you have given me throughout the years. This testimonial is long overdue. You have not only helped me understand my relationship with Bruce but also uplifted me in way's that have helped me consistently move forward in my life. I love your sense of humor and I always know in my heart that when I need to get back on track....I just need to call Lady Kaye. You have become ​​my trusted advisor and I send you blessings that all those that need help in life will find your website. Kassandra - Louisiana

This testimonial is long overdue. Psychic Kaye's love readings have really helped me. I have not only received accurate readings but her wisdom and insight into my relationhip's has really helped me. Thank you for all that you do. You are a real jewel.  Robert - Georgia

Kaye Kantrell's Affordable Psychic Readings
Low Cost Accurate Psychic Readings
No Subscriptions | No Memberships | No Pre-Authorized Charges
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Your psychic advisor, Psychic Kaye, is a full-time career psychic and was a top-rated psychic on a major psychic network.

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All that is needed to facilitate your reading is your name, number, and email. Your credit/debit card information goes to the payment provider. Affordable Psychic Readings only receives your contact information and notice that your payment was accepted and went through.

Our payment provider is PayPal
You do not need to join or be a member in order to make a payment by credit/debit. 

We have helped people worldwide since 2004.
How to Prepare For Your Reading

What is the most important things that you would like to know? Prepare questions that get right to the heart of the matter.

Find a safe and comfortable place to be where you won't be interrupted or distracted.

Be a part of your reading. This is your life. Be open to what comes through and ask questions if you do not understand..
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Kaye Kantrell's Affordable Psychic Readings
Low Cost Accurate Psychic Readings
No Subscriptions | No Memberships | No Pre-Authorized Charges
Call/Text 425.780.2426